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know what to Study’
and follow the prompts.
Check out all the different options very
carefully. Different institutions have different
entry requirements for similar programmes.
There are alternative access routes to many
of the programmes listed. Access programmes
are designed to assist those from disadvantaged
schoolswho do not meet the entry requirements.
You will find full details in
'Alternative access
(pages 152-155).
If you are over 23 years old and do not
meet the entry requirements, please contact
the institution to check whether they have a
Mature Age entry route.
How long am I prepared to study?
Each programme in this handbook shows
the minimum time it takes to complete that
qualification. Remember that a lot of people
take longer than this. Programmes range in
minimum duration from six months to six
Can I afford it?
Many students depend heavily on
– remember that you should apply in
plenty of time, particularly if you are looking
for external bursaries. Very few students find
funding that will cover the whole cost of study.
Most funding is in the form of loans. Private
colleges may not be able to help.
For details of bursary donors, consult
. Or consult the annual
The Bursary Register
, available
from educational book stores or by
contacting 011 672 6559, email address
or PO Box 178, Florida
Hills, 1716 (purchase price approximately
R265). Consult your library or the Financial Aid
Office of an institution (see institution contact
details on pages 24-32). Bursaries are often
advertised in the jobs section of newspapers.
You must contact the bursary donor for an
application form.
Remember that part-time or distance learning
options are considerably cheaper and can be
combined with a job so that you can earn while
you learn. A few programmes like this are listed,
but most require you to apply directly to the
To decide whether you can afford it, you
should estimate the cost of the programme
you are considering. Approximate costs are
available from the institutions (see pages 24-32
for contact details). Fill in your estimated costs
on the study budget calculator on the next page
and add them all up.
Miss Zibuyile P. Dlamini
I’mZibuyile Patience Dlamini fromHighflats.
I’m studying at Mangosuthu University of
Technology. It is an honour to thank CAO
for providing me with this bursary. I finished
my matric in 2010, then I applied through
the CAO but I couldn’t find the space in
a University. By by 2011 I chose to go to
Berea Technical College doing my Civil
Engineering. I applied again through CAO in
2012 and that is where I got the opportunity
to be at this University. Now I am doing my
Civil Engineering at Mangosuthu University
of Technology.
Thank you very much CAO.